Friday, June 30, 2017

Comexim: Our Girls' Best Friend (A Review of the Aida Plunge Bra 65R in All Black)

The Comexim Aida in a custom all black design is a plunge with removable straps so you can go bold or basic.

One of the biggest gripes I have with boobs (no matter the size) is finding a bra that fits all day comfortably with a confidence boosting shape. Well, the search is over when I found the bra brand of my dreams --- Comexim!

A round of applause for Polish bras.

With narrow wires, deep cups, and one of the widest size ranges available you'll quickly discover that Comexim is your girls' best friend.

I fell in love with the Aida since it has some sexy strappy details that let me participate in the hot harness trend but still offer the support I need. The Aida comes with two styles of straps and you can also wear the bra as an everyday plunge bra so you can go bold or basic.

The dainty bow and velvet trim add attention to detail to this three part plunge.

Supreme construction and attention to detail make Comexim bras supportive and special. Each bra is hand made to order so you're getting a bra that's just for you! And because of this you can make any alterations you need. For example I need a larger cup size than what's available on their website so I contacted them and was able to get the Aida in a 65R and also got the colorway changed to all black. You can't exchange custom orders but the ability to get custom changes (bra straps moved in, lowered cups, raised gore, etc...) at the price of the average bra is well worth it. 

 More narrow wires and deeper cups gives a rounder shape instead of the wider look that UK brands usually give.

For several years I finally thought I found bras that "fit" in a 30K (UK) but I still had regular quading and the band became uncomfortable as the day went on. Now that I'm actually wearing a cup size that fits (LL-Mish UK) I've realized I should go with a 28(60) band for the best fit, but the 30(65) is also super comfortable and gives a flattering shape and soft cleavage. 

If you've only been fitted for US sizes you're more than likely wearing the wrong size bra. To save money on manufacturing and the stigma of large cup sizes most companies will add +4" to your band size and shove you into a size that never quite fits and can even lead to physical pain. One of the best size calculators comes from Reddit (r/ABraThatFits) and will give you a starting point to your perfect fit. The size may seem scary at first, but only because we're used to using a letter to describe size (think "D cup = huge") when it's actually a mix of band and cup size. For example a 30D is actually the same cup volume as a 34B so it's a relatively smaller size even though it may sound too big.

And remember when ordering with Comexim they use a European sizing guide which is different to UK cup sizes so check out their conversion chart or email them with any questions.

Comexim focuses on fitting larger breasts so their bras are made from resilient fabrics and years of research. Bras will fit better and last longer and at $40-50 with shipping you can get something that you'll want  to wear at a price comparable to the brands you're buying from now.

The best thing about Aida is that she can be worn so many different ways. With festival season underway I love this look with a simple ribbed bralet and studded suede skirt. I would never be comfortable in this top without a supportive bra and the strappy details make this bra an asset to this outfit, rather than a necessity.

So if you're tired of wearing bras that don't fit give yourself a confidence boost with an amazing style from Comexim. Feel free to comment any questions you have and you can also email the lovely ladies at Comexim for help with ordering and sizing.

You can also check out more photos of my fit review on my Instagram: @312style.

Happy Shopping!

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

This bra was provided to me by Comexim in exchange for my honest review.


  1. I had my breasts augmented a couple years ago. I have never had a bra fit comfortably ever since. Do you have any recommendations? I am tired of wasting money on more and more expensive bras, only to find that they are still as uncomfortable as the last one.

    1. I think Comexim would be a good fit for you. They have narrow wires so you won't get the wide in your armpits fit that most UK/US brands have. I would try out one of their plunges especially if you have closer set breasts. You'll spend $40-50 on a bra from them with shipping, BUT the quality is great and the bras are all made to order in Poland. You can also get customizations like the straps moved in or gore lowered if you have issues with certain areas of your bra.

  2. Do you ever have the problem that you find Comexim straps too thin?I'm quite a few sizes smaller than you (around 32H UK) and iI just found the shoulder straps too painful to stand. Is there any difference in that for you in regards wearing a 28 vs 30? PS you look great :)

    1. Thank you!

      The straps are thick on my Comexim bras, but I also have a larger cup size. Most people like thinner straps, so they probably make them as thin as they can for a specific cup size. I would ask them to use thicker straps as a custom order if you want them to be more secure. :)

      And for band size there isn't too much of a difference. I was wearing 30K's since that was pretty much the biggest cup size I could find and the band was starting to feel too tight. But now that I actually have enough volume in the cup I discovered that the 28 will give me the most longevity since I have to wear 30s on the tightest hook. It's not a big deal since they're close in size, but good to figure out the perfect size for fit and life of your bra.

      ~ Lisa

  3. Lisa,
    Do they also sell bikinis? I am never able to find a bikini that fits. Do you have any recommendations for bikinis?
    Thank you,

    1. Hey Patricia,
      Yes! Comexim makes bikinis. They have a ton of great options and all are underwired/bra style so you get all the support you need. You can contact them if your size is not available on their site and they'll make you a custom size. :) You'll love the shape and fit.

      ~ Lisa

  4. Have you done reviews for any of their other products? I found your page while searching for bikinis. Do you have any reviews for their bikini line? By the way, you are stunningly beautiful. I don't know if you do any modeling, but you definitely should.

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