Wednesday, June 4, 2014

So Shoe Me ~ 6/04/2014

Today's So Shoe Me is the On-The-Edge Buckled Booties, $30, by and available at Forever 21. After a weekend full of carefree music and debauchery the worst feeling is waking up Monday morning and finding your favorite (and expensive) boots have been destroyed during your festival rage. The best way to prepare for the inevitable shoe destroying mud-filled grounds is buy a pair of cheap, but still cute boots, like this moto style from Forever 21. The zipper and buckles adds a rad boho vibe and the soft vegan leather is perfect for easy clean-up. So go ahead and get dirty and pair these moto boots with an off-the-shoulder bustier and distressed cutoffs for the quintessential festival girl wardrobe.

Style Suggestions:

So Shoe Me a pair of basic black boots that can stand tall through the tougest conditions this fest season.

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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