Thursday, April 24, 2014

So Shoe Me ~ 4/24/2014

Today's So Shoe Me is the Mudguard Boot by Abcense, $650, available at Solestruck. One reason I'm always scroll stomping through the Solestruck website is finding quirky cool gems like the Mudguard Boot by modern masters Abscense. An architectural silhouette filled with sharp shapes and modern neutral shades creates the coolest new boot that can be worn all year long. The crisp white leather "mudguard" sits front and center and adds some avant garde appeal to these putty colored booties. Mixing shine and flat finishes lets you pair these heels with minimalist basics or party friendly frocks. Pair these booties with a sheer accented black blouse and skinny trousers for the perfect workday outfit with a twist.

Style Suggestions:

So Shoe Me a pair of signature shaped booties with a chic structural silhouette and modern neutral colorway for the perfect spring style update.

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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