Monday, March 17, 2014

SPRING Rewards ~ Quay Restaurant & Bar

It's about to get Quay-zy this spring with a delicious offer from SPRING Rewards. What's SPRING Rewards, you ask?! Just a new easy and clutter free service that turns your debit or credit card into a personalized reward system. So instead of clipping coupons and frantically searching for store cards you can just pay register with SPRING, pay at a participating merchant and automatically collect your reward that will be posted to your account. It's a secure, no hassle way to shop smarter.

One restaurant that has partnered with SPRING Rewards is the riverside restaurant and bar, Quay. You can enjoy decadent grilled gourmet meals like roasted halibut or grilled lamb with a refreshing cocktail, all while enjoying a relaxing river view.

SPRING Rewards is offering a $15 gift ($15 minimum purchase) for dining (or sipping) at Quay. So it's a no risk - all reward deal with delicious food involved (who could say no?!).

Also be sure to participate in  SPRING Rewards countdown to Spring, which end this Thurday (3/20). You can receive free Uber rides to SPRING shops with the code "SPRINGINCHI" and you can win cash and other rewards including a night out by hashtagging #springinchi while out claiming your own rewards at these participating boutiques and restaurants/bars.

And remember if you check out Quay - let me know how much you loved it!

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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