Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So Shoe Me ~ 6/18/2013

Today's So Shoe Me is the Kelter Plastic Heel by Vogue, $100, available at Shoes. The resurgence of Jelly shoes has made it totally appropriate to lust after these gummy glam sandals in the juiciest brights by Vogue. A translucent plastic upper and see-through Lucite heel add the perfect shot of citrus to your everyday summer style. The strappy upper adds a nostalgic childhood touch and the complimentary neon bright shades are the signature pop of color needed this season. A comfortable angled wedge heel and strappy front will let you wear these sandals all day, throughout the night, or both. Pair these jammin' jelly sandals with a little bit of contrasting colors in bright green printed shorts and a sheer black crop top for a neon rave look this season.

Style Suggestions:

So Shoe Me a pair of red hot sandals with a juicy jelly design that can be dressed up or down this summer for a nostalgic and versatile shoe.

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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