Saturday, December 8, 2012

So Shoe Me ~ 12/08/2012

Today's So Shoe Me is the Form Boot by Cheap Monday, $160, available at Revolve Clothing. Elevate your style with this fantastic formed flatform that will have you hanging on two levels. The double tiered rubber sole adds a modern impact while the monochromatic design adds versatility and a bit of 90s grunge appeal. Equipped for comfort with an architectural sole, these not so basic black booties will become your new go-to shoe for pretty much any season. Pair these ankle boots with a sexy cutout black dress juxtaposed with a flannel jacket for the perfect mix of cozy and sultry.

Style Suggestions:

So Shoe Me a pair of two-tiered flatforms that will elevate my signature style this winter.

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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