Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I DIY FOR: Studded Football Jersey

Bear with me as I get a little crafty with a sports themed DIY that perfectly mixes on trend embellishments with your favorite throwback jersey. Bear Down with a loose fit throwback style (I used a Child's L 1940s Throwback Style from last season that can be found for $48 on the Chicago Bears Pro Shop Site.), I prefer a more relaxed fit since it adds extra room to embellish and can be worn simply with leggings and some matching team boots. With a bag of studs, some spray paint and an afternoon you can keep your style stats high while rooting on your team in authentic NFL gear. So be a style stud off the field by following these simple steps below.

Studs add a customized edge that lets your personal style standout on game day.

What You Will Need:

1- Football Jersey
150- Cone Studs (I used Tall English 77 Studs)
1- Can of Spray Paint in your desired color (I used Rust-oleum Ulta Cover in Gloss Real Orange)
1- Can of Clear Coat Spray Paint (Optional)
1- Metal Flat Edged Tool For Closing Studs

1) Paint Your Studs

~ Find an old cardboard box (this in when an online shopping addiction comes in handy) or Styrofoam and punch around 135-150 studs into even rows. This will make it quicker and easier to paint all around the surface with an even finish.

~ Spray all sides with a light and allow to dry using the directions given on the back of your spray paint. When dry apply one-two more coats until you achieve an opaque finish. Dry completely (at least 24 hours).

~ *Optional* Apply a clear coat for added durability and protection.

~ Before you start working with your painted studs make sure they do not smudge when you apply pressure to them.

2) Apply Studs

~ Start applying your studs from the inside out in a three stud triangle pattern. I went 11 rows up the collar with my design and applied the studs in the gaps for a heavily embellished look that still shows a bit of the dark navy blue background.

~ Apply studs by pushing the prongs through the fabric (make sure they go all the way through or else they will easily remove with wear) and with a heavy-duty flat metal tool (I used a wood carving tool, but you can also use something similar) push the metal tips 90 degrees on each side until they feel secure.

~ Continue this process until you have completed each side of your jersey.

3) Admire Your Work

~ The finished look is perfect for game day; whether you're at the stadium, in the bar, or simply relaxing on your couch. This studded piece will add an unexpected impact to your team apparel for an on trend look that shows off your personal style.

~ Keep in mind that the studs will be delicate so be careful when wearing and only hand-wash this garment.

~ The boots featured are the Enthusiast by Cuce Shoes

So, are you ready to BEAR DOWN with me?

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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