Friday, July 27, 2012

I DIY FOR: Fringe Leather Skirt

As an obsessor of leather it can become a bit depressing to stare at my ever growing collection in this apocalyptic heat wave but with summer leather on trend where there's a will (and a pair of scissors) there's a way. My inspiration for this new fringed favorite came from a quick stop at Nasty Gal's vintage shop. The simple yet stunning leather fringe skirt caught my eye and tipped my mind to an old leather pencil skirt I bought years ago on clearance that has been collecting dust in the back of my closet. Breathing new life into an old item with just a few simple steps makes this DIY a no-brainer. It can be done with just about any straight/pencil skirt in leather, suede, denim, cotton, etc... but I love that this simple detail is perfect for wearing your leather in the summer and can be worn with tights and tall boots this fall. Follow these simple steps below for a super cool DIY that lets you live on the fringe.

My inspiration came from this vintage fringe leather skirt from Nasty Gal and my forgotten DKNY pencil skirt is the next best thing.

1) Tape Your Skirt

~ The first step to making sure this DIY looks professional and not an impromptu craft project is to use a thin tape (I used green painter's tape) to mark out a guide line for where to end your cuts.

~ To figure out how short you want the skirt first place and measure out your desired length.

~ Lay the skirt on a flat surface and use a ruler and pencil to trace out the new hemline and place the tape on top. I angled my sides about 1.5" shorter and added about 1.5" to the back.

~ You are now prepped for cutting!

2) Cut It Out

~ Since my skirt had seaming throughout I decided to star at the center, but if your skirt only has side seams it will be easier to begin at the left (if you're right handed) or at the right (if you're left handed).

~ I used a ruler to figure out the width I wanted for each strip and began by cutting the first piece of fringe. To save time I used each strip as a template by placing it over my skirt to begin my next cut.

~ While you're cutting remember to take your time and take breaks as needed to receive the most even finish. And if you accidentally go a little wide or narrow on a few strips it's not a big deal since the overall look will blend it all together.

~ Continue the process of cutting each strip until you have completed the skirt.

3) Admire Your Work

Pair your fringe leather skirt with bare legs and signature booties for bold bar hopping style this summer.

A cropped white tee and heavy metal necklace adds a downtown edge that can be worn with flat sandals or combat boots for a sleek style for a summer concert.


An all leather look with an oversized tunic creates a chic minimalist look that can be paired with some simple sky high heels for a night out.

Both looks let the show the fringe benefits of a summer leather look.

I hope you'll join me in this on trend Fringe Binge! Enjoy!

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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