Friday, January 13, 2012

So Shoe Me ~ 1/13/2012

Today's So Shoe Me is the Crazy Lacy, $450, by and available at United Nude. Just when you've spent hours browsing new spring shoes on a snowed-in afternoon and think you've seen it all the Crazy Lacy pops up on your screen and it's instantly the best thing that has happened to eyelets, leather and string, ever. The unexpected mix of sunny yellow, rich red and a deep navy blue create an eclectic bohemian style with a modern mix of textiles and hardware. And if color isn't your thing this style is available in an all-black version that can be personalized with bright and/or printed laces. The allover eyelet and corset-style laced boot takes inspiration from classic hiking styles but with the fashion forward spin only United Nude could pull off. And just in case you were wondering how many hours will be spent lacing and unlacing these signature shoes there's a handy side zip for a simple way to slip these complicated boots on and off. Pair these statement making shoes with simple silhouette (think a modern jersey jumpsuit with tapered legs) in basic black or a sleek grey to show off these beautiful and intricate heels.

So Shoe Me a pair of colorful laced up heels that offer innovative United Nude styling mixed with a classic ankle boot silhouette for a comfort driven, fashion forward design.

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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