Friday, December 16, 2011

Wedding Planning Against the Music

Merry BRITmas, ya'll! With the engagement of Generation Y's national treasure must come a style post of epic proportions. We've lived through the Innocent Britney, Sexy Britney, Crazy Britney and now Seemingly Stable Britney and all have come with a unique style and sound which is why I've decided to style Britney's impending nuptials against the music. I may not be pretty, stylish or practical but isn't that how we like our Britney anyways?! While she'll most likely walk down the aisle in a body hugging sheath dress with a bejeweled bust line I think these choices are a bit more fun.

1) ...Baby One More Time

I must confess that Vintage Britney knew how to rock the school girl gone bad look. Well when the wedding bells come a-ringin' maybe Brit should mix a bit of innocence with Courtney Stodden "15 will get you 20" sex appeal. An uber mini dress with an accent of lace adds a bit of tradition, no? The daisies and sparkling grape juice create a teenage dream. And of course there needs to be a bit of fur but instead of pig tail pompoms there are balls of designer fluff at her feet.

2) Oops...I Did it Again

A latex wedding dress gives that pure yet dominatrix feel while the red hot lingerie set makes it clear she's not that innocent. Calla lillies are prime Georgia O'Keefe material (winky face). And you know that necklace that you thought the old lady left in the ocean??? Well they made of replica of it available at Amazon. Awww, they shouldn't have. Really they shouldn't have.

3) Slave for You

 I always imagine snake charming Britney getting hitched on a trashy beach somewhere with enough snake print that would even make Chritian Audigier sick. A super sexy snake embellished bikini shows off sick abs and of course a 14K white gold snake belly ring (only the best for our Brit Brit). We know our girl loves a good wedge so of course these wooden wonders are really the only option. And since she's not trying to hide it this silk snake print scarf will make the perfect accessory in case people don't get the theme.

4) Me Against the Music

Gotta love a girl that goes the unconventional route. Get in the zone...the menswear zone. Slim separate in multiple textiles like a leather lapel white silk tuxedo jacket, skinny satin trousers and a latex bow tie are given a feminine boost with some help from Manolo. And for old time's sake maybe they can tie the knot at the Super Bowl and enjoy a few Madonna songs during halftime??? Just a thought.

5) Blackout

Confession: Blackout is my favorite Britney album of all time. Yeah it got a little weird with the shaved head, pink wig and party hopping with Paris but I live for weird. A crazy sheer cut out metallic silver dress would be perfect for a trashy Vegas wedding! A pair of oversized sunglasses will hide glazed over eyes from the flashing paps. And don't forget a sturdy yet stylish umbrella for yielding against cars that might be giving you crap for looking like a space age call girl on your wedding day. You want a piece of me?

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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