Sunday, August 14, 2011

So Shoe Me ~ 8/14/2011

Today's So Shoe Me is the Austin by UGG Austrailia, $200, available at Solestruck. Remember this type from highschool - introverted, unstyled and with little to no beauty knowledge that comes back from summer break a total knockout (hmm maybe I'm just thinking of several tween movie plots) but no matter this same setup is how I feel about the UGG Austin. We've always been ashamed of our bulky unflattering UGGs, but in rain, sleet and snow they were a necessary evil to keep our favorite boots away from unfortunate salty residue. Well it seems as if UGG was sick of our abuse and came back this season in a cool distressed moto boot that will become a new favorite amongst our collection of flat styles. The distressed leather upper asking you to do your worst to it and let's you know it can perform as well as its ugly stepsister. A subtle laser cut trim and metal detail add a signature impact to this moto style ankle boot. Complete with the sheepskin lining we've come to expect from UGG the Austin is the perfect ankle boot for all weather this fall and winter. Style this shoe with a pair of textured fair isle print tights, a tartan plaid pleated mini skirt, a chunky sweater and short pea coat for a signature preppy winter style.

So Shoe Me a pair of UGGs that I'm proud to wear that still bring the great attributes of their traditional boot without the ugg-ly shape.

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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