Monday, August 1, 2011

So Shoe Me ~ 8/01/2011

Today's So Shoe Me is the Low Cherry Slide, $156, by and available at Mohop. A socially conscious and eco-friendly shoe that is truly versatile with any summer style due to the ability to swap out the ribbons with any color or pattern you desire. While Mohop has several heights and finishes to their wooden sandals I gravitated to the Low Cherry Slide. Even though I live in heels I always jump at the chance to buy a stylish flat that can be worn all comfortably all day without the disgrace of wearing  flip flops. Made of sustainable wood the Mohop heel is eco conscious and as long as you aren't hiking in these beauties you can make them last a lifetime. Mohop also sells an array of ribbons so that you will always have the perfect sandal (and your sandal purchase comes with seven different laces, so you already have a collection without shelling out more of your hard earned cash). Pair these sandals with a simple wrap dress to create a chic and casual style for a perfect summer afternoon.

So Shoe Me a pair of interchangeable sandals that allow for versatility and comfort throughout sandal season.

P.S. Even though Jerry Angelo isn't giving us any reason to cheer we'll have to grin and BEAR it. And that will be a lot easier in a great pair of pre-season worthy sandals. Bear Down, Chicago.

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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