Monday, July 18, 2011

(Nail)ed it: simply MARBLEous

Another amazing DIY manicure that's simply MARBLEous! Over the weekend I spotted this mind blowing technique on Refinery 29 where they've put together an easy step by step video tutorial. But as a fair warning get ready for a time consuming process that may take a bit of practice, but once you've got the technique down you'll have crazy good results that will make make you forget the time you've spent taping, swirling, dipping and drying!

Here's everything you need to get some MARBLEous nails of your own:

1) 3-4 Contrasting nail polishes and a clear top coat
2) Styrofoam cup or bowl filled with lukewarm water (I prefer the bowl for more room to dip my nails.)
3) Scotch tape
4) Toothpicks
5) Time
6) Patience


1) Paint your nails (as you normally would) with one of your chosen polishes and wait until this undercoat dries completely.

2) Use the Scotch tape to create a barrier around your skin and nail. This allows you to dip your nail into the swirled polish getting it all over your fingers. I've also heard of using Vaseline but I have only tried the tape technique.

3) Place drops of nail polish into your bowl of water alternating colors each time. The colors will flow out at first and then begin to become more concentrated. You will want to do at least 3 drops of each color.

4) Now it's time to swirl. I found that toothpicks work the best and that you need to work from the center out in order for it to work. If you go from the outer layers or try to swirl too far out the nail polish will just attach itself to the toothpick and become a globby mess. This step took a bit of trial and error but once I figured out to start from the center it became another simple step.

5) Place your taped up nail into the most attractive part of your swirled polish and soak under water for a few seconds.

6) Take your nail out of the water and remove the tape.

7) Repeat steps 2-6 for all nails.

8) After your marbleized nails dry apply a clear top coat for durability.

If you are crazy enough to try these nails leave me a comment and send pics to my twitter account, @312style.

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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