Monday, July 25, 2011

Fake It Till You Make It?

I'll often find myself daydreaming of wrapping myself in the latest Givenchy jackets, working the downtown city separates by Alexander Wang and tiptoeing around in red soled skyscraper heels but reality soon hits me as I notice the lack of funds or plastic to help me achieve these retail dreams. While I may not be able to afford the latest high fashion styles I sometimes indulge in a cardinal fashion industry no-no: buying knock-offs. I'm not talking about the carbon copy fake Christian Louboutin website copy but buying indie/contemporary brands that take inspiration from high end style and make them at a price the masses can afford.

One example is my recent purchase of the UNIF clothing Hellraisers. Taking style notes from last fall's Christian Louboutin Rollerball slip on but adding a bit more edge with larger spikes the two styles are similar but definitely appeal to two separate markets. The more refined Louboutin went for around $1000, but the Unif Hellraisers are on presale right now for $164 making them an affordable choice for those of us who drooled over the statement making Rollerball last year.

*UPDATE* The Hellraisers are now up for presale at Karmaloop!

The metallic block heel in all its minimalist glory came back this summer due in part to several styles of Chloe sandals. This chic heel is ideal for running errands in jeans and a tee or freshening up a bright maxi dress. While many brands tried to accomplish the same effortless modern style that the expensive Chloe sandal has, Dolce Vita is the only one that reached the mark. Adding silver tone buckles and a silver block heel there are enough differences to make it an acceptable replacement to the Chloe style and it's going to save you big bucks since it's on sale for $129!

Somewhere over the rainbow...yes it's true that Salvatore Ferragamo created this beautifully modern sandal for Judy Garland in the 30s but with retro styles being revisited within all fashion outlets it was just a matter of time before someone revamped this iconic style. Jeffrey Campbell can sometime be known for outright copying but the Groovie is one time I will let it slide. Using a toned down gold metallic upper and a more primary hued rainbow heel this is one design I'm glad to see reused. Even if it is a Ferragamo fake it brought awareness to the brand and several bloggers, fashionistas and Jeffrey Campbell fans discovered where this fantastic design came from and that type of attention is priceless.

Even though I shouldn't be saying it I truly believe that fake can be better than the real thing. And as long as the copies you are purchasing come from legit companies with ethical manufacturing processes I say go fake it till you make it! And not to worry high fashion brands, as soon as my salary reaches my taste level I'll be running over to cash in on my long awaited fashion binge.

Let me know what you think: Is it okay to fake it till you make it or should taking inspiration from high end designs be off limits?

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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  1. Have actually been looking for the Louboutins for men, but for the moment I'm going for the hellraisers! I have so many shoes to but atm. Jimmy choo for men, prada, Louboutin, unif aaaand.. wait...Oh, yeah! A pair vintagelooking ones on ebay

  2. Btw, I have a question for you. That add from topshop, when i put the... arrow? Over it, the link comes up. What program are you using exactly?