Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So Shoe Me ~ 3/29/2011

Today's So Shoe Me is the Sahara by Senso, $202, available at Pixie Market. While brightly hued heels are all the rage this season there is also another stunning style you need in your shoedrobe - colorblocked pastels. The minimalist neutrals paired with a robin's egg blue heel make for a statement making sandal that still seamlessly compliment your current spring wardrobe. The mix of cool and warm toned nudes against the fresh pastel blue bring an unexpected modern colorway that will be sure to stop a few people in their tracks. Pair these colorblocked suede beauties with minimalist structured separates in complimentary neutrals to let the Sahara become the stand alone statement.

So Shoe Me a pair of pastel colorblocked sandals that mix high fashion style with attainable prices and quality craftsmanship.

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

images via pixiemarket.com

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  1. I sooooooo want these!! These are amazing! Sucks I can't find them in my size