Thursday, January 6, 2011

So Shoe Me ~ 1/6/2011

Time to get familiar with Osborn Handcrafted. A fresh shoe company, which launched in 2009, has gained attention through it's hand-made vegan designs which are loomed by 21 Guatemalan artisans (who would have been out of work without this charitable brand). 

The inspired hand-loomed designs on every Osborn shoe is what makes them more Guatemalan art than shoe. Each pair is handmade in limited quantities* so you'll never have to worry about wearing a cookie-cutter style. I especially love the bright colors used in many of their designs but Osborn also has neutral patterned oxfords and boots that will work with a more classic style.

The featured boots are aptly named Blossom and are available for $168. The bright floral design can be paired with neutrals or other brights (an upcoming SS11 trend), while the mix of denim breaks up the pattern giving more interest and wearability.

So Shoe Me a pair of Osborn Handcrafted that sparks conversations, brings me fashion and comfort all while doing a good thing.

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

*The handcrafted quality of these shoes makes stock extremely limited.

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