Monday, January 31, 2011

So Shoe Me ~ 1/31/2011

With all the talks of blizzards in Chicago instead of distracting thoughts of the devilishly delicious treat from Dairy Queen I decided to lower my calorie intake and indulge in some online shoe stalking - obviously my favorite calorie burning routine. All that being said today's So Shoe Me is the Rub 1 Tall from Ilse Jacobsen ($175) available at Solestruck chosen for it's ability to transition from the worst of winter storms to a rainy spring day.

We all need a pair of versatile flat boots that will get us through the bad weather blues. I love that these rubber boots feature fashionable details like the white lace-up front and also sport a bright cheery turquoise that will have you hoping for the sunshine to go away so you can show off these unique and stylish boots. Pair with the usual jeans and tee combo when running errands, but also use this boot as your standby life saver when walking to work in rain, sleet or snow while still remaining stylish (do not become a running shoe bad fashion statistic).

So Shoe Me a pair of brightly hued rain boots that will get me through the worst weather conditions in a joyful fashion.

xoxo ~ Lisa + 312style

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