Friday, January 21, 2011

I want to be a WWDMAGIC Correspondent!

I'm a Vegas Virgin so what better way to spend my first time in sin city than by taking a fashion gamble at WWDMAGIC?

  1. How did you start your blog? What was the creative inspiration behind putting yourself out to the world?
I began my blog this past December because Twitter’s 140 characters was not enough for me. During my last semester in college I created this imaginary spot, 312style, which would provide women with my fashion expertise as well as the chance to discover new unique brands, boutiques and trends along with me.  
This journey has just started but the ability to release my creativity into something that is just mine, without restrictions has become a daily habit I love to give into.

  1. From where you began to where you are now as an independent writer, what are three valuable things you’ve learned about your craft?
1)      Use YOUR voice.  When I first began writing I was writing in the tone I thought was appropriate. I later learned that writing an article that features individuality if much more intriguing than a cookie-cutter piece.
2)      Make time for writing. If you want to become a successful independent writer you have to treat it like a job and make time for it every day. Setting deadlines is essential. Even if you are writing a piece for your own personal blog it is vital to the success of the piece to set a deadline and keep it.
3)      Use your instincts. There is no room for getting caught up in what other’s may think of your work. Remember that your first instinct is always the best instinct. If you love what you have written chances are that your readers will love it too.
  1. What is your personal style?
My style is edgy, modern, sophisticated and independent. I’m a sucker spikes, leather and lucite. I love searching for independent designers that when collected and skillfully put together create a bold signature look.
  1. What brands are you head over heels in love with?
United Nude: Bringing architectural designs to footwear at mid-price points. Every time I wear their shoes I know it will be a “Where did you get those?” type of night.
Sass and Bide: These Aussie girls know what a woman wants. My new favorite purchase is their clear spiked harness top – perfect for an extravagant girl’s night out.
Alexander Wang: Once he created football inspired dud my obsession with his line came into overload. I can always look to his label for crisp modern clothes that are the perfect addition to any woman’s wardrobe.
Honorable Mentions: Dimepiece Designs, Senso, American Gold and Philip and Lillian.
  1. What are three of your favorite websites? because of the great customer service and unseen mix of 80+ indie brands. for their mix of vintage and new pieces that are extremely rare but many items are priced under $250, making it an accessible e-boutique. As an admitted shoeaholic Solestruck is the shoe boutique that enables my additction. All the designers I love in one place with great service, no tax and free shipping. Could a girl ask for more? I don’t think so.

  1. Who are three people you love to follow on twitter?
1)      @ManRepeller
2)      @Moxsie
3)      @Refinery29

  1. What do you hope to gain from attending WWDMAGIC?
Since I have just started my blog I hope to gain knowledge from the other fashion bloggers that will be in attendance. I want to take my blog to the next level by providing my readers with exclusive posts featuring the trends seen at this world famous trade show. Also having a degree in fashion merchandising I would love to see all the brands at WWDMAGIC and what’s next for them first hand.

xoxo ~ 312style + Lisa

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